IMEI carrier checker
  • IMEI carrier checker

IMEI carrier checker


Check carrier which blocked iPhone.

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  • Check carrier which blocked iPhone
  • Turnaround time: few minutes (during day)
  • Sample:

    Model: IPHONE 5S 16GB GOLD
    IMEI: 358685xxxxxxx37
    Serial: F2LLVxxxxxxC
    Iccid: 89441xxxxxxxxxxxx00
    iOS Version: 7.1.1
    Find My iPhone: ON
    Unlocked: true
    Unlock Date: 03/09/14
    Unbricked: true
    First Unbrick Date: 02/02/14
    Last Unbrick Date: 03/09/14
    Registration Date: 02/01/14
    Purchase Date: 02/01/14
    Purchase Country: United Kingdom
    Warranty Status: Apple Limited Warranty
    Warranty Days Remaining: 280
    Coverage Start Date: 02/01/14
    Coverage End Date: 01/31/15
    Wireless MAC Address: F0F61CxxxxxB
    Bluetooth MAC Address: F0:F6:1C:32:43:FC
    Initial Activation Policy Description: 269 - UK O2.
    Applied Activation Policy Description: 10 - Unlock.
    Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 10 - Unlock.
    Sim-Lock Status: Unlocked